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ID:   040241

Mobile Phones for Maternal Health in Rural Bihar : Reducing the Access Gap? / Kumar, Alok; Dahdah, Marine al   Journal Article
Kumar, Alok Journal Article
Summary/Abstract A Simply Brilliant Innovation, More Than Just Heathcare?, The Most Promising mHeath Project, Killkari : A Gendered Technology?, Gendered Mobile Use, mHeath and Intersecting Inegualities, Conclusions.
Contents Pg. 50 to 56
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ID:   040240

The Convergence of Peasant Struggles Worldwide / Herrera, Remy; Chi, Lau Kin   Journal Article
Herrera, Remy Journal Article
Summary/Abstract Theoretical and Historical Framework, Latin America, Africa, China, India, Oceania, Europe, Domination of Financial Capital, Converging Peasant Struggles Today, Conclusions.
Contents Pg. 42 to 49
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ID:   040239

Manneguins at Work : Salesgirls in Kerala's Textile Sector / Muyarath, Anima; Roopak, V   Journal Article
Muyarath, Anima Journal Article
Summary/Abstract Feminisation of the Retail Sector, Right toSit and Occupational Health, Discriminatory Workspaces, Underpaid and Overworked, Standing Up to Sit.
Contents Pg. 37 to 41
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ID:   040238

Of Slaves Arms and Gold in the Arabian Sea / Subramanian, Lakshmi   Journal Article
Subramanian, Lakshmi Journal Article
Contents Pg. 35 to 36
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ID:   040237

A Casualisd Ethnography of the Jamshedpur Working Class / Rao, Karthik   Journal Article
Rao, Karthik Journal Article
Summary/Abstract Corruption Begets Class, Divergent Approach, A Casualised Workforce, Function of Social Practice.
Contents Pg. 33 to 35
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ID:   040236

A Brave and Generous Spirit : Neelabh Mishra (1960 - 2018) / Sen, Ilina   Journal Article
Sen, Ilina Journal Article
Summary/Abstract Fervour and Calmness, Linguist and Raconteur.
Contents Pg. 31 to 32
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ID:   040235

Agricultural Crisis of Punjab : Costly Mistakes / Bhullar, Amarjit S   Journal Article
Bhullar, Amarjit S Journal Article
Summary/Abstract Multifaseted Distress, Lack of Perspective, Two Measures for Improvement.
Contents Pg. 27 to 30
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ID:   040234

Stolen Childhoods? : Observations on Education of Migrant Children / Rajan, Vijitha   Journal Article
Rajan, Vijitha Journal Article
Summary/Abstract Another Out - of - School Category, Outlier of the Education System, Migrant Child and Everyday Life, Organic Agency of the Child.
Contents Pg. 24 to 26
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ID:   040233

Who Is a Terrorist? The Politics Behind Labelling / Adhikari, Dhruba Raj   Journal Article
Adhikari, Dhruba Raj Journal Article
Summary/Abstract Defining Terrorism, Non - state and State terrorism, Conclsions.
Contents Pg. 20 to 23
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ID:   040232

mHealth Solutions for Family Planning Serivces / Char, Arundhati; Saavala, Minna   Journal Article
Char, Arundhati Journal Article
Summary/Abstract Indian mHeath Scenario, Use of Basic Moblie Phones, Needs of Rural People, Privacy and Gender, Conclusions.
Contents Pg. 17 to 19
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ID:   040220

DIGIT 2018-05-01 [Vol. 18 Issue. 5] 2018-05-01  CD
Publication India, Nine Dot Nine Interactive Pvt Ltd, 2018-05-01.
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CD2122MainOn ShelfGeneral
ID:   040217

Competency Identification of Salespersons Through Behavioral Event Interviews : Evidence from the Oil Industry / Das, Mukesh Ranjan; Pathak, Pramod; Singh, Saumya   Journal Article
Das, Mukesh Ranjan Journal Article
Summary/Abstract Literature Review, Methodology, Statical Analysis and Results,
Contents Pg. 15 to
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ID:   040216

The Professional Dilemma - To Wield the Stick for Once or to Yield Yet Again : A Case Analysis / Datta, Sugata; Madhavi, Bindu N.   Journal Article
Datta, Sugata Journal Article
Summary/Abstract Question for the Readers - I, Questions to the Readers - II, Findings, Managerial Implications, Teaching Notes, Suggestions for Further Readings, Disclaimer.
Contents Pg. 7 to 13
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ID:   040196

Border Haats : New Dimensions in Cross - border Trade / Nath, Ashish   Journal Article
Nath, Ashish Journal Article
Summary/Abstract Border Livelihoods, New Trade Initiative, Kamalasagar - Tarapur Haat, Transforming Cross-border Trade, Srinagar - Chhagalnaiya Haat, Increased Participation, Conclusions.
Contents Pg. 14 to 17
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ID:   040195

Meghalaya Elections 2018 : A Repeat of 2008 / Mukhim, Patricia   Journal Article
Mukhim, Patricia Journal Article
Summary/Abstract Unprecedented Trends, Murder Most Foul, Winning a Bet, Anti - Christian Moves.
Contents Pg. 12 to 14
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ID:   040194

Designing to Distort : Simultaneous Elections / Palshikar, Suhas   Journal Article
Palshikar, Suhas Journal Article
Contents Pg. 10 to 11
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ID:   040182

Treadmil Times : For Centuries Humans have Kept fit by doing simple exercies but today people are falling for the gym industry a / Date, Vidyadhar   Journal Article
Date, Vidyadhar Journal Article
Summary/Abstract Industrial Origins, Nature vs Narcissism, Fitness Fascism.
Contents Pg. 85 to 87
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